The Power of Comment Marketing

I'm a fan of comment marketing. Not stupid, inane, spammy link/comment marketing, but real comment marketing that helps you establish a reputation, build connections, and if you do it right, flow quality, targeted traffic to important parts of your website. 

To help others get a small glimpse of it's power, I ran a test. The re-cap is simple; you can do the math.

The article

The comment:

Google Chrome

Do Social Signals Impact Ranking - The Definitive Guide

If you've kept an eye on search over the past 5-7 years, you've probably run across the topic of social signals and their impact on organic rankings. This has been a battlefield for marketers and SEO's with views changing rapidly based on the latest Google statement. I imagine it's been a nightmare for social media managers as well, who have suddenly found themselves under attack from SEOs deciding they now own some social turf.

seo attacks social media

The Shiny Object

There is an aspect of marketing that many despise - the nuts and bolts. These are the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks that actually make the marketing machine run.

They aren't sexy


Notes from InsideLocal Webinar Series

For those who recently watched the Q&A from the recent InsideLocal Expert Webinar Series with David Mihm, Andrew Shotland, and Matthew Hunt. Here's a list of the live user-generated Q&A information that came out of the session: 

Q: will presentation be emailed afterwards
A: Yes will be recorded. Replay will be up in a few days here: and here:

Secure Sites Now Receive Ranking Boost from Google

Yesterday, Google posted on the Webmaster Central Blog that they would be utilizing HTTPS/SSL as a ranking signal - providing a boost to those sites that utilize these security measures. Normally I don't write much about newsy SEO items, but this one caught my attention as Google doesn't often declare what signals they are using to rank websites. When they do, it always piques my curiosity.

Personally, I highly doubt the move is all about improving search results which is supposed to be what drives these changes. In fact, a great comment in the Q&A with Google's John Meuller by Nathan Grimm summed up some of my own thoughts: