How to Identify Top Revenue-Potential Pages for Targeted SEO

In the not so distant past (2000-2011ish), projecting growth &/or revenue from SEO efforts was relatively straightforward and often fairly accurate if the right data was available. Various formulas were created for determining the potential of various SEO tasks, but they typically all utilized the same readily available (if not always perfect) ingredients such as:

  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Current Ranking Position
  • Project Ranking Position
  • CTR of Current Position
  • CTR of Projected Position
  • Current Revenue per Organic Visit (keyword specific)
  • Projected Revenue per Organic Visit (keyword specific)

Integrating Myers-Briggs Personality Types into Persona Development

Over the last few years, persona development has become a hot topic within the SEO industry, as understanding customers has taken on new importance. A higher level of customer connection is now seen as crucial for developing strong strategies for organic search. As a result, there have been a number of posts done that provide great starting points for crafting your own process for persona development. Today, we’ll take a look at a simple but powerful piece of the persona puzzle that can help SEOs, content marketers, and anyone else working with personas better understand and connect with their target markets.

Moz WBF Response: Is Brand A Google Ranking Factor?

In today's (5-29-1015) WBF over on, Rand discussed the popular topic of brand and it's impact on organic search results in Google. Specifically, he attempted to answer the question:

"Is Brand A Google Ranking Factor?"

While I generally agree with Rand's statements, I think they were a little misleading. Before we get into this however, I recommend watching the video to get his take:


Around 1:10-1:30, Rand makes the following statement:

" Google doesn't try and go out and say, "How well known is Coca-Cola versus Pepsi versus 7 Up versus Sprite versus Jones Cola? Hey, let's rank Coca-Cola a little higher because they seem to have greater brand awareness, brand affinity than Pepsi." That is not something that Google will try and do. That's not something that's in their algorithm. "

The Power of Comment Marketing

I'm a fan of comment marketing. Not stupid, inane, spammy link/comment marketing, but real comment marketing that helps you establish a reputation, build connections, and if you do it right, flow quality, targeted traffic to important parts of your website. 

To help others get a small glimpse of it's power, I ran a test. The re-cap is simple; you can do the math.

The article

The comment:

Google Chrome

Do Social Signals Impact Ranking - The Definitive Guide

If you've kept an eye on search over the past 5-7 years, you've probably run across the topic of social signals and their impact on organic rankings. This has been a battlefield for marketers and SEO's with views changing rapidly based on the latest Google statement. I imagine it's been a nightmare for social media managers as well, who have suddenly found themselves under attack from SEOs deciding they now own some social turf.

seo attacks social media