Dear Lithia Motors

It's recently come to my attention that your site is, well, poorly optimized. Not only that, but your individual dealer sites appear to suffer from many of the same problems. Apparently has done you wrong from an SEO perspective. Don't worry, it's not just you, there are many suffering from the same problem...think of the opportunity!

You see, it seems very odd to me that when searching for used cars in Portland, OR, none of your sites come up!

You Should Remove ALL Your Content

Ok not really...

I was recently asked by Content Insight (the makers of the CAT tool) exactly when it makes sense to remove/trim your content from an SEO perspective. The question intrigued me as most of the time, SEO's are trying to get clients to produce MORE content and rarely do we suggest outright removal.

Personas, Semantic Search, and a bit of Relevance

I've been reading a lot lately on what semantic search is really all about and how search engines utilize semantic techniques to organize and pull data. I'd be lying if I said this has been an easy shift in my thinking and approach to marketing and specifically SEO, but the fact is, it just hasn't been. From what I've read, I'm certainly not alone, and most of the others I trust in the SEO field aren't claiming to have all the answers or know exactly what hummingbird is/was all about either. Instead, we're all attempting to muddle through these shifts together. 

Adding to the difficulty is the fact that search (since hummingbird, knowledge graph introduction, etc.) isn't DRASTICALLY different. Now, there's certainly a case to be made for how different some of the results are (please note I'm not saying all of these are because of semantic updates...), but truth be results still largely look the same, and are largely producing the same results. It feels like everything changed, but nothing did at the same time.

spot the difference

Getting to know the ME Centered Searcher

I've recently been working heavily with a local client in a major metropolitan area and part of the strategy to help grow their business visitors includes focusing on local SEO and utilizing hyper-targeted Adwords campaigns. While digging through some search terms I stumbled upon something I hadn't come across yet - a variety of phrases with "me" in them that actually had significant searh volume.

Example:  [food near me] 

Out of curiosity, I started exploring various queries that included "me" in order to determine how widespread this new approach to searching has become, as well as whether or not this is a growing trend or something I've just missed in the past. Here's a quick display of some words and their associated average monthly search volumes. Some of these might surprise you...


Efficient Small Business Brand Growth with Facebook Ads

Few things are as important to the marketing of small to mid-size businesses as efficiency. Budgets are tight and dollars are at a premium. Avoiding waste and making wise decisions with precious marketing dollars is very important. 

While I am a HUGE proponent of planning in marketing and proper research even on the smallest of budgets, sometimes when a business is just trying to get noticed some low-hanging fruit tactics can be used that require little effort.. Today, we'll take a look at a quick case study showcasing how simple Facebook advertising can quickly expand your brand awareness and start developing a core group of supporters for you to grow from.

Food Cart Friday - A Facebook Ad Case Study