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New Brew Media is about operating with integrity in all aspects of business, while mixing industry-leading SEO and inbound marketing strategy and tactics to help your business achieve its goals. Our approach is strategic, our vision is long-term and our excitement for helping you grow your business is contagious.
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    In April of 2016, the team at a major medical retailer specializing in emergency medical equipment found themselves fighting to regain organic search market share amidst rising competition and ever-changing search algorithms. The losses in organic exposure were having a direct impact on the bottom line. Read More

  • How to Identify Top Revenue-Potential Pages for Targeted SEO

    In the not so distant past (2000-2011ish), projecting growth &/or revenue from SEO efforts was relatively straightforward and often fairly accurate if the right data was available. Various formulas were created for determining the potential of various SE Read More

  • Integrating Myers-Briggs Personality Types Into Persona Development

    Over the last few years, persona development has become a hot topic within the SEO industry, as understanding customers has taken on new importance. A higher level of customer connection is now seen as crucial for developing strong strategies for organic Read More

  • MOZ WBF Response: Is Brand a Google Ranking Factor?

    In today's (5-29-1015) WBF over on Moz.com, Rand discussed the popular topic of brand and it's impact on organic search results in Google. Specifically, he attempted to answer the question: "Is Brand A Google Ranking Factor?" Read More


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