Learn how New Brew built organic search success for a major medical equipement retailer.


In April of 2016, the team at a major medical retailer specializing in emergency medical equipment found themselves fighting to regain organic search market share amidst rising competition and ever-changing search algorithms. The losses in organic exposure were having a direct impact on the bottom line. After working hard with a large digital agency over the last year with limited results, they shifted to a group that could provide more hands on-support and direct access to the experts.

Our Approach

To develop a comprehensive SEO plan, we immediately began work on:

  • Understanding the internal business culture, objectives and SEO history and status via a discovery process
  • A competitive analysis/market analysis
  • An SEO opportunity analysis
  • A technical SEO audit

Over three months, we reviewed site data, competitive data and internal information. These focused efforts resulted in a custom SEO plan aimed at capturing short-term opportunity to stop the decline while laying the groundwork for future gains.  A roadmap was developed and work began with internal teams, including developers, the VP of marketing and an internal SEO.

Our findings showed a balanced approach to SEO was in order. This meant work was spread evenly across several projects related to:

  • On-page optimizations
    • Content updates
    • Keyword/topic integration
    • Schema integration
    • Title and meta tag updates
  • Internal linking updates
  • External link development
  • Technical adjustments (including, but not limited to)
    • Proper handling of mobile site/users
    • Site speed improvements
    • Proper redirect handling
    • Crawl optimization
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Work with external CRO teams to ensure healthy user engagement metrics
  • Content idea generation


Over the course of a year of steady work, we achieved:

Traffic and revenue growth: 39% YOY increase in organic sessions and a 21% YOY increase in revenue. 

Previous YOY comparison showed a 10% drop in organic sessions and only a 4.5% gain in revenue.

A 78% YOY growth in organic sessions and 46% rise in revenue over the last 4 months, showing great acceleration in the trend as they continue to garner more search market share.

Increase in new users: 44% increase in recorded new users YOY vs. -19% for the previous YOY comparison.​
Increased exposure: Improvement in crucial keyword exposure (impressions) and average positioning. 
More clicks: Improved site-wide CTR and improved bounce rates for targeted URLs.


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