This is going to be a short post, but I believe the message is important to start sharing.

In the not so distant future, your company and brand might be in a fight with Google for revenue, no matter what industry you're in.

My thinking is simple:

1) Google wants to build the Star Trek Computer - Star Trek computer(s) don't return a list of results. They answer your question, and beyond that, they anticipate your needs and wants

2) The Hummingbird algo change is kind of about what's happening now - largely about the future . (some interesting nuggets in here)

3) Google Now exists

4) Schema adoption is growing and being pushed - Google gets understandable data that they can build connections with.

5) Authorship and Google+ (and other services) exist and are currently logging lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of data about you, me, and your cousin who just happens to have a gmail account but doesn't know what Google+ is

6) There's no better way to deal with spam than to stop giving people the option of engaging with spam

8) Android is tops in the U.S. and in other areas of the world - More. Data. MMMM tasty.

9) Parts exist to build gadgets that provide more information than ever before -

10) When you stock your prey, you learn everything you can about them. You learn to anticipate their wants, needs, and movements. Back off one-degree and you have a business that gives you what you want/need right when you want/need it. 

11) Follow the money. As long as there is positive ROI, it's a win-win even if Google gets some off the top right? Maybe, but you'd certainly prefer to be in a position of power to leverage that, and not one of begging for scraps.

Build your brand, know your customers, and leverage technology + content to #winthemind . Otherwise you might find yourself in a bad spot when your traffic from Google dries up. Big brands, don't think you are immune either. Can your budget handle someone skimming off the top of every organic purchase currently made through your site? 


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