The Point: Life = Stories = GREAT Content for cheap (sometimes).

There are few things in life that we enjoy more than a good story. Whether it's comdeic, heartfelt, intense, or just so stupid you can't believe someone bothered to tell it, stories are a crucial part of how we communicate and often stimulate many parts of who we are (emotions, physical reactions, our minds, etc.). They are engrossing and often not easy to forget. They build connections, create memories and reflect our concept of "life" in ways that not many other things can or do.

Stories make great content. 

Stories CAN make great CHEAP content. The amazing thing about sories is that they don't have to cost you millions to develop, they don't have to cost you millions to produce, and they don't have to dominate your time. They can, but they don't have to. I admit, I'm being liberal with what constitutes a story, but you get the idea. Here's a great example:

When I was younger, I peed on some library books.

Simple, to the point, but I'm guessing you've formed an opinion about me in some way. Maybe you think I'm funny, maybe you think I'm crazy for sharing that, maybe you think this is the dumbest post you've ever read. The point is the simple act of living and sharing created content that's generating a reaction and forming a perception and a connection. Even if that connection is just a thought you carry around with you that's waiting to be recalled when triggered.

The best part is, this story is cheap. Well, library books aren't always cheap, but in this case my mom didn't have to pay for anything (crazy I know...). 

Alot of us struggle to find good stories to tell that will connect with our target audiences. I would encrouage you to go out and live life and see what happens. Or, find ways to create great circumstances for life to happen - and then find ways to invite people to share in them. While those examples require some budget, you can find simpler ways to share the passions of your business, or help your audience share their passions.

Stories don't have to be expensive, but they do need to be engaging and re-told with some expertise. The benefits from good story telling can be powerful for your business as you work to create a base of advocates that feel ownership in, and connection to, your business.


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