SEO READING RECAP - 10-30-2015

SEO articles of interest for the week of 10-30-2015

Each week we constantly comb through important updates in the world of search and digital marketing. The following articles are key pieces of content we read for the week ending on Friday 10-30-2015. We spend hours staying on top of things and only pull in articles we feel are worth spending your time on to stay up on SEO.

Google Introduces RankBrain

Google opens up more about the fact that they are using machine learning on about 15% of their queries. It sounds like it’s largely used to help interpret and understand queries the system is not familiar with--which has always been reported as 15-25% of queries that come into Google. For the moment, we don't know much about this update, and frankly, we don't expect to as Google moves more and more into using machine learning. It's mostly important to note BECAUSE it's a documented step in that direction.

Original Bloomberg article
SEL RankBrain FAQ
Gofish Digital (Bill Slawski) on RankBrain

App Indexation

As we continue to wrestle through the new world of indexing applications in search for discovery, we're getting more and more helpful articles covering the process. While not the most in-depth, this is a great beginners guide to this important new area.

On - How to get App Content Indexed

GA "Not Set" Not A Bug

“Not Set” in GA is basically queries that they’re choosing not to show us. It’s the (same-ish) difference between the number of queries that appears in the Search Analytics chart in GSC (Google Search Console) and the actual query count in the table below. It wasn’t specified why the data isn’t being shown, at least not in this video.

Read more at SEW

2016 SEO, Business, and Digital Marketing Conference Info

This post from Kristi Hines provides a huge list of important conferences for the industry with dates and other info. Worth checking out if you're making your plans for 2016.

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